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About Us

About us

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

Our mission is to create communities throughout the United States of America that are willing to work together and not be so devisive. 

The boiling point

The environment for aggression and anger is ever-present in America today.  We hope to do our part to stop this in its tracks by bringing together those who serve us with those who benefit from the protection. 

Cooking Steaks

We cook Choice Ribeye Steaks with all the trimmings for each and every first responder there is.  On-duty or off.  We do this to build community and show our respect. 

One step at a time

We aren’t naive.  We know that it will take more than Steak 4 Sheepdogs to overcome the state we are in.  But we aren’t letting it stop us either. 

We all win

When you give, people feel appreciated and you feel better about yourself in return.  When that happens, we all win and comminities are strengthened. 

Our Community

Our community is you.  If you are someone wanting to establish an event in your town we would like to hear from you.  If you’re a first responder, you are the honoree.  If you’re someone willing to sponsor these events, you’re in Our Community as well.  

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